Intensive Classes


For our Year 12 students, we are conducting intensive classes in July during the Winter vacation. The the course spans across 10 days, 3 hours per day per subject.

We believe that during the holidays, it a good time for students to improve and sharpen the skills. Since, the students are available and do not have to go to school, a 3 hour block per subject will be most suited for them. After the end of the intensive classes, a mock exam will be provided and the students are to complete the exam papers. In doing so, we can gauge our student readiness for their exams.

For our Year 11 students, the course spans across 10 days, 2 hours per day per subject.

These intensive classes are the highlights of our tutoring services. Every year, students who attended the classes find themselves able to piece information across topics together. They found the course very useful in preparing for the HSC examinations.

Notes and revision papers are included in the course fees. For more information on the intensive schedules please click on the schedule button located below.

Click on the schedule button to view the availabilities for current/upcoming schedules for each subject.

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