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I would like to thank my tutor for providing me with heaps of guidance and encouragement in preparing for my exams. At the start, I was doing badly in Physics. I almost gave up. Fortunately, I had a wonderful tutor (who  joins Sydney Learning Hub). I find my tutor very helpful in explaining various concepts. The lessons are fun and enjoyable. I certainly recommend Sydney Learning Hub


The lessons are useful. I learnt a lot from the explanation by my tutor. Some of the questions are very challenging.


I look forward to the lessons. The tutors are very helpful.


It is always better to have a tutor who can guide your children and understand what he/she struggles most with. Sydney Learning Hub has done an excellent job. They seek the best tutors and does not have any ‘hidden cost’!

Joseph – Parent

I have improved tremendously under the guidance of my Physics tutor. I got Band 6 for my physics. I thank him very much for his time and dedication.

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