We offer a range of services to help you through your High School Years and prepare you for your Higher School Certificate (HSC) or the A levels.

Our weekly classes will enable students to keep up to date with their school curriculum. This strengthens the student knowledge and requisite skills. Click on the tab to learn more about our weekly classes, our schedules and timings

Every year, we run several holiday intensive sessions. They are held on a daily basis for each subject. Each intensive session will recap topics and prepare the students for upcoming examinations. Click on the tab to learn more about our holiday intensive sessions, our key dates for enrolment.

Nearing the exams, we provide our own exam papers created by our tutors. This serves two purposes. To prepare our students and to gauge the performance of our students. Afterwards, we examine the statistics to determine which areas our student requires most of our help. Click on the tab to learn more about our exam style preparation.

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