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New Syllabus

Our teachers updates the teaching notes with the latest HSC syllabus. We provide both the fundamental contents infused with challenging questions. This allow our student to be well prepared for the HSC exams.

While some schools purchase the exam papers, we provide mock exam papers nearing the exams that are created by our teachers for additional practice.

We have noted that the the HSC Physics have revised the syllabus in 2019 and Chemistry in 2018. We have revised our notes to align to the current syllabus.


Unlike many other teaching services which provides a wide range of subjects, we specialized in only 2 subjects, Physics and Chemistry. With only 2 subjects offered, we ensure that our attention is solely spent on these 2 subjects. Moreover, we specialised in HSC year 11 and year 12.

Our interest are focused on helping our students understand, grasp, and apply concepts. These promotes learning.

Small class size

There are other teaching services that are more designed to be a business due to the huge class size.

Unlike them, we allow a maximum class size of 10 students for our weekly classes so that our teachers can connect with the students.

On the contrary, we do not believe that private individual tutoring will benefit the students as they will not be able to compare and compete with other students to understand where they stand among their peers.

Moreover, we are located in downtown Sydney. Students living nearby, and schools nearby do not need to spend much time travelling.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think…

Albert Einstein

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